1.  When carrying out assessment assignments,
PENTA guarantees the following service level:


  • All new assignments are immediately confirmed by fax or e-mail
  • If required or desirable, a survey will be conducted on site on the same day or the necessary assessments can be made on site, asap
  • The first findings will be discussed within 24 hours. PENTA will also contact the insurant, the insurance agent and any opposing parties.  The necessary survey arrangements are made in accordance with the requirements of the claim and in consultation with the stakeholders
  • Within 48 hours from the first assessment or survey, a provisional report will - if necessary - be forwarded to the client by fax or e-mail.     This report will contain a first general account of the circumstances, the nature and cause of the damage, and an indication of the estimated extent of the damage
  • Within 5 working days from the final assessment activity, a final survey report will be forwarded to the client by e-mail or by mail. This report will contain a detailed account of the circumstances and the nature, cause, and extent of the damage.  Any confidential information will be stated in a separate document

2.  During the performance of the assessment assignment,
PENTA will adhere to the following principles:


  • A multidisciplinary approach from a solid technical background
  • An objective approach to the problem and preparing a transparent and high-quality report
  • An interactive attitude vis-à-vis the client, whereby the progress is assessed at the appropriate times
  • A professional attitude in dealings with all stakeholders in accordance with the deontological loss adjuster’s code.