Whenever PENTA has to carry out an assessment abroad, it can call upon the
services of a network of local associates. In choosing these associates,
the company has adopted the same quality standards as it has set for itself.
This means:

  • high-quality work from a solid technical background
  • a multidisciplinary approach
  • flexibility and immediate availability                                                                        

PENTA prefers using independent offices that can offer the same technical
expertise and professionalism. In this way, PENTA can guarantee the same
service level and quality for both national and international assessments.
In France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany and Turkey a professional cooperation
agreement was put in place with our regular associates to establish mutual
partnerships between the different network offices. For a further extension
of our network we are currently looking for similar partners in the United
Kingdom and Eastern Europe.


-  France -  CPA-experts
-  Italy  -  PCB & Partners
-  Spain  -  Baukost
-  Germany  -  Ingenieurbüro Feindt
-  Poland  -  Nemu Eksperci
-  Turkey -  Vitsan