• Foundation techniques
  • Stability
  • Private and industrial buildings
  • Fire investigation
  • Cables and pipes
  • Civil works
  • Directional drilling
  • Tunnelling and soil techniques

Surveys within the scope of property insurance, civil liability-operations and civil liability-after delivery, civil liability-vehicle insurances, all construction site risks, product liability, 10-year liability, professional liability architects and engineers.

Example of surveys or investigations


  • Rupture in cables of  pre-strained concrete structures
  • Pop-out damage in concrete due to granular contamination
  • Leakage in sewer pipes after directional drilling
  • Leakage in Olympic swimming pool due to coating failure
  • Collapse of ceiling due to failure in metal suspensions
  • Subsidence of building next to excavating works
  • Damage to buildings due to vibrations after grouting works
  • Control  of foundations tank park
  • Cracks in concrete floor due to soil water pressure
  • Investigation into structural stability after fire damage